In California, we are in it to win it with continuing Covid guidelines and restrictions related to on-premises dining this past year and into 2021. California life just turned a little more open recently when our governor announced California’s return to the states tiering system and we can enjoy meals at restaurants and creating fun and memorable meals. People have been sheltering at home for a long time, so once the weather is tolerable once again we will be enjoying on-premises dining!


So, what foods will continue to trend through Covid and beyond? What flavors are a MUST on 2021’s menus? What will be the new products that emerge from this season?


The first trend we are seeing is

Comfort Food

Let’s get real, people are in a constant state of melancholy these days. Some have lost people to covid, but all of us have been grieving “the way things used to be”. We’re looking for some sort of comfort, thus people returning to those feelings of nostalgia.

At-home cooking will focus in winter months on foods like soups, rice, slow cooking and pandemic baking.

Foods that will continue to dominate the restaurant scene: Tacos, Pizza, BBQ (especially tri-tip), Pastas, Chinese and Asian food and Mac N Cheese.

As a food operation, have you refreshed your menu or product offerings to reflect this food trend? These past few months we shared 2 recipes that can get your creative juices flowing for adding comfort food to your menus. Here is a link and here is the other recipe!


Another trend that’s here to stay is

Restaurant Experiences at Home

With the rollercoaster of opening and closing of restaurant dining rooms, people have resorted to to-go and delivery to get their foodie fix. For the restaurant operator who was typically serving guests on-premises, this has been a huge shift for them and their businesses. Those establishments have needed to think through things they have never had to think through this year:

  • Which delivery app is right for my restaurant? (we wrote a blog about that!)
  • Which to-go containers are right to enhance the customer experience?
  • Should my restaurant offer family meals?

Especially in California, to-go dining is here to stay. As you prepare for this reality, how can you continue to delight your customers?



Lastly, we saved our favorite trend for last…

Supporting Local

We’ve seen on social media restaurants supporting other restaurants, committing to EAT LOCAL! We are excited for the continued emergence of fresh, local food that reflects the eclectic tastes of a region. California offers the best of cultural and ethnic foods in every communities. And we’ve seen communities surround and support their favorite neighborhood restaurants during this extremely difficult time. Up to as many as 30% of restaurants won’t make it and will have to shut their doors forever, don’t let that happen to your favorite places! Continue to support local!


What do you see trending in food for 2021? This has been a challenging time for everyone in retail, restaurants and hospitality; however, we now have an opportunity to bring joy by sharing your delicious and yummy food. How can you bring a little comfort into your food? How does your restaurant experience translate to homes? How are you encouraging and sparking happiness supporting local business?

Are you ready to partner with a local food distributor? We love to help small businesses find success in this time! Bring us all of your challenges and we will make them opportunities!

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