MISSING: The Chicken Wing


Say it ain’t so, everyone’s favorite pub food: Chicken Wings have been missing in action throughout 2021. Even a national chain changed their name from Wingstop to Thighstop.

Don’t worry, your friendly neighborhood food distributor is on the case. In this blog, we look at ….

Why is there a shortage with Chicken Wings?

Why are they so expensive?

What are some alternative appetizers to the traditional bone-in chicken wings? 

Upward demands for everyone’s favorite bar food have been rising for the past couple of years, even pre-covid. It’s hard to imagine your favorite brew without an order of chicken wings with all the sauces to accompany. What a perfect comfort food coming out of this past year! However, everyone in the world seemed to have the same idea.

Why is there a shortage of Chicken Wings?

The reason is simple, chickens only have 2 wings per bird and if wing consumption outpaces the rest of the bird, there will quickly be a shortage of wings and an oversupply of the rest of the chicken. Partner these supply and demand issues with labor shortages and plant shutdowns related to covid-19, these issues don’t seem to be going away.

Why are chicken wings so expensive?

Peak demand and lack of supply seems to be the reason behind the rising costs of chicken wings. Labor costs are also a factor in driving these unprecedented price increases. As a food distributor, we’ve never seen this level of increase.

What are some alternative appetizers to traditional bone-in chicken wings?

1. Boneless Chicken Wings are a great option! Boneless Fully Cooked Chicken Wings (JDF 664760) – Pre-breaded and ready to fry, sauce and serve. Koch Prepared and comes in 2 packages of 5 lb each.

Boneless Chicken Wings are actually produced from breast meat. Therefore, supply will be much better than traditional wings.

2. Try a different Party Wing than you are used to! We offer many different seasonings, stylings and flavors. Here are some of our JD Food item numbers:

664372 Chicken Party Wings Fully Cooked Buffalo, 664373 Chicken Party Wings Fully Cooked Sauce N Serve, 664374 Chicken Party Wings Breaded Fully Cooked, 664377 Chicken Spicy Party Wings Fully Cooked, 664462 Frozen Chicken Party Wing IQF, 664445 Fresh Chicken Jumbo Party Wing, 664447 Frozen Jumbo Chicken Party Wing IQF

3. Offer another appetizer that delivers on flavor!

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites – Try this recipe! 

Buffalo Ranch Fries – Try this recipe!

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese – Try this recipe!

This has been a challenging time for food operators, why not have a little fun experimenting with new appetizers that delight your customers?


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