Fresh Ideas:

Fresh Ideas:

Holiday Marketing Tips for your Local Restaurant

At JD Food, we love the holiday season. Spending time celebrating together and enjoying great food – what could be better? We know, for you as a restaurant owner, it is a very busy season. Many companies and families love to celebrate the spirit of the holidays, but don’t want to bother with cooking and cleaning up. That’s where you, the local restaurant comes in! If your restaurant or bar is large enough to host holiday parties, or you offer to-go catering options, you know this can be a great source of high-margin revenue from October to December. But, how can you boost the number of holiday parties and catering orders you get this year? Below are 4 tips to generate more revenue and cash in this holiday season!

  1. Update your Catering and To-Go Menu with new graphics or food pictures! And post the information on your website! Your customers and team will appreciate the refresh and the menu will be top of the mind for the holidays.
  2. Add a form to your website to share your restaurants capabilities to book a party. The average restaurant gets over 70 views a day. You need a way to convert that traffic into party inquiries.
  3. Let your followers and fans know about your private party capabilities on social media and email. Post at least 10 times and send at least 2 emails during the holiday season about hosting a holiday party. Make sure to include a link or a phone number to call where they can book the party.
  4. Decorate and share pictures of your employees smiling and working the holidays! Your customers want to host a worry-free holiday party, so ensuring them that your hard-working capable staff will take care of them will be such a relief!

Implementing just one of these tips this holiday season will impact your restaurants bottom line!

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Information adapted from California Restaurant Association.