At JD Food, we believe in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We understand that occasional returns are a natural part of business, but we also appreciate the responsibility that comes with returning items. Our return policy is designed to ensure that returned products are in resalable condition, allowing us to maintain our commitment to quality while meeting your needs effectively. Together, we can work towards a seamless and satisfactory experience for everyone involved.


Rule 1

Drivers are not allowed to pick product up without a Product Pick-up Form. If there is a situation that the Pick-up Form was left behind or there is a specific situation requiring this to happen, the driver must have the approval from Management. This should be a rare exception.

Our drivers are the backbone of our operations, dedicated to ensuring that your orders are delivered promptly and efficiently. They focus on their routes and providing excellent service to our valued customers. However, it’s important to note that our drivers are not responsible for keeping track of inventory. This crucial task falls to our warehouse team, who meticulously manage our stock levels.

One essential tool that helps us streamline the return process and get your items back into our inventory system is the Product Pick-up form. This form serves as a vital communication link between our drivers and the warehouse team, ensuring that returns are processed promptly and accurately. By adhering to this procedure, we can maintain the integrity of our inventory while addressing any issues that may arise efficiently.

Rule 2

Meat, dairy and produce cannot be returned once the product has been signed for. If there is a customer situation requiring us to pick up any of these products, the pick-up request must be approved by Management.

Due to the stringent requirements for cold-chain management of meat, dairy, and produce, our return policy stipulates that these items cannot be returned once signed for. Maintaining the cold chain is crucial to ensure product safety and quality. Once these products leave our control, we cannot guarantee their condition due to potential breaks in cold-chain management. Therefore, any exceptions for pick-up of these products must be approved by Management to address specific customer situations while ensuring the products remain safe and meet quality standards for potential resale.

Rule 3

Returns will not be made after 10 days from delivery date.

As a food distributor, we recognize the time-sensitive nature of our products, which have specific production and consumption dates. Our 10-day return policy is designed to ensure the quality and safety of the foods we deliver. This timeframe allows us to effectively manage our inventory and guarantees that all products are consumed within their optimal freshness period. By limiting returns to within 10 days from delivery, we help maintain the highest standards of food safety and customer satisfaction.

Rule 4

Product must be in original box with original packaging and labeling. The box cannot be written on and must be in resalable condition.

The integrity of our product packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and safety of the items we deliver. Original boxes and packaging are designed to protect the products during transit and storage, and they contain vital information such as production details, source facilities, expiration dates, and handling instructions. This information not only helps in maintaining traceability but also ensures that all safety and quality standards are met from production to delivery.

Rule 5

All pick-up requests should go through the preliminary salesperson for the account for their verification. 

Requiring all pick-up requests to go through the primary salesperson for each account ensures that returns are closely monitored and verified. This rule is in place because it’s crucial for sales representatives to be aware of any returns. Their understanding of the issues leading to returns enables them to provide better service, address any concerns effectively, and foster a strong, responsive relationship with the customer. This process also helps in maintaining accurate records and streamlining communication within our team.

Rule 6

Pick-ups are not automatic credits.  If the product is not resalable or the company loses money for any reason, the credit request will be sent to management to investigate the circumstances and determine if a credit should be approved.

Pick-ups are not automatically treated as credits because the resalability and safety of returned food products cannot be immediately verified upon collection. Food is inherently sensitive, and conditions during its time away from our facilities could render it unfit for consumption. Therefore, any returned items must be thoroughly inspected by our team to confirm their condition.

Rule 7

All credits and situations outside the boundaries of this policy must be approved by Management.



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