Colton’s Social House

Just over a year ago a restaurant quietly opened with the idea of creating a menu based on the feedback from its customers. It was called Beta-Tasting and considered a “conversation” by its owner Jim Souza. The menu was to be simple yet still unique. The burgers are Angus, charbroiled and presented on a buttered bun. The sandwiches are handcrafted with unique aioli spreads and fresh toppings. From Thai Chili wings and Panko crusted deviled eggs, to a Fire House burger and the Creamy Truffle Fettuccinni, they have created something for everyone. The menu has continued to grow and evolve to include Brandt Beef steaks and Clam Chowder made fresh daily. With its growing popularity and Jim’s pursuit to continue the “conversation,” they are now looking to open a second location in the near future.

Stop by Colton’s Social House located in front of the Sierra Vista Mall and try Maria’s Chili Verde Nachos!