As stay-at-home orders are slowly being lifted, plans are in place to allow businesses and restaurants to reopen (with restrictions and rules). With these reopenings, officials are urging both businesses and consumers to continue practicing social distancing as well as taking all precautions and sanitary measures necessary to continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In preparation for your reopening you should consider the following:

  • Create more space. Customers will likely want to be slightly distant from other diners so it is wise to either move tables further apart, reduce the number of tables or if you have permanently affixed seating, consider only seating at every other space. This, unfortunately, reduces the number of diners at one time but is a helpful measure.
  • If you’re a fast-food establishment or have condiments, utensils, or anything else out that customers self-serve, you’ll want to move these items behind the counter and offer them to customers on an individual basis. This prevents people from touching multiples of items.
  • Continue to sanitize everything thoroughly including menus, card readers, check presenters, the tables & chairs, counters, and anything else that is touched frequently. Oh, and don’t forget door handles!
  • Have hand sanitizer available. Restaurants are busy and hand sanitizer makes it easier for both workers and patrons to keep their hands clean.
  • If you’ve had success with takeout orders, continue to offer this as an option! It may be a while before customers are willing to venture out and dine at restaurants. You’ve already created the procedures to be able to offer takeout orders, so keep the momentum going. Seriously, even if your current take-out orders are only a percentage of your norm, it would be silly to not keep it going, right?

We’re slowly returning to a new sense of normal and as we do it is important to make your customers and employees feel safe in your restaurant. At JD Food we have everything your business needs to reopen, including janitorial supplies. Give us a call, send us an email, or talk to your JD Food rep.

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