Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Holy Guacamole

Who doesn’t like avocados? If you don’t, I don’t think we can be friends. This is a super simple recipe, that packs a ton of flavor. But be forewarned, once you start snacking, it’s hard to stop!

Serves 4-6

Time: Less than 15 minutes

3 or 4 ripe Large avocados

Half of red onion diced

Juice from 3 limes

Half of a bunch of chopped Cilantro

Minced jalapeno(seeds taken out if you can’t handle spicy)

Pinch of salt and pepper

Scoop the avocado out of skin. Save a seed to put in the guac after it’s mixed to stay fresh. Mash avocado with a potato masher to your desired chunkiness. Add diced onion, lime juice, cilantro and jalapeno. Mix and add S&P. Serve with tortilla chips or with bell peppers sliced.