Week 1 Recap: Leading Ourselves Well

By: Hannah Friesen

Yesterday we were asked the question, what leadership means. After listening to Lauren and thinking about the concept of leadership, it is easy to see that leadership is needed all around us. Leadership 24/7 is taking a look at what it means to be a leader all the time and we are so excited to continue with all of you.

Lauren did a wonderful job yesterday in introducing our new series with five specific areas of life we can all work on. Emotional, physical, relational, financial, and time mastery are all vital for the growth we will experience in our lives. In her closing remarks, Lauren touched on quotes we can all ponder through this weekend.

“Success leaves clues.” – Jim Rohn

“Choose your attitude and adjust your expectations.” – Jon Acuff, Do Over

This weekend, ask yourselves who is someone you admire? Who is someone that you view as successful and think about practical steps of how to get where they are, just like the exercise Lauren walked us through. Lastly, how can you choose your attitude and adjust your expectations in a healthy manner? What does this look like for you?

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