Fresh Ideas for your Holiday Table

Fresh Ideas for your Holiday Table

Charcuterie and Grazing table Basics

Charcuterie and grazing tables are on trend this season, but is there a right way to do it? Many retail establishments and restaurants are offering these as an appetizer option or as a party tray.  This past month we had Amy, from Savor Charcuterie, share about the art and joy of gathering around the table together and enjoying beautiful food.

Charcuterie boards refer to a serving board or platter with an assortment of smoked and cured meats, and a few condiments to provide a contrast of flavor and color. On the other hand, grazing tables are more casual and basically open to anything that’s in season and whatever is your favorites that you want to share; such as, chocolates, popcorn, or some other tasty treats.

Quick Tip: when starting to build your charcuterie or grazing table, start with non-perishables such as bread, crackers, popcorn, olives, fruits and nuts.

Charcuterie and Grazing Table Tips:

  • Cured meat can be out for 4 hours
  • Throw out cheese after 4 hours.
  • Honey, jam and olives need to be put in jars
  • Offer a Gluten Free option like cucumbers and crackers

Offering food that is in season will give you the most vibrant colors and incredible bites. So, check with your local JD Food sales person to see what is currently in season. Make sure you have some bites that balance both salt, sweet, and savory. Those contrasting flavors will serve as a palate cleanser between each bite. 

Women of JD Food gather to learn Charcuterie and Grazing table basics

Along with sharing tips for grazing tables, Amy, from Savor Charcuterie also shared her business journey. Amy had recently had a baby, and mentioned it can be a lonely time, so longing for community she would invite friends and family over and just bring out whatever she had in her pantry. Eating around a table, in a non-fussy way brought back to her that sense of togetherness and joy. We experienced those warm and welcoming feelings that day at JD Food. The grazing table was beautiful and filled with beautiful and eclectic food. In fact, reaching over the person sitting next to us to grab food from a tray opened up more conversations. From sharing what we loved to encouraging others to eat what we just tried, this food and the set up ushered in laughter and a sense of togetherness.

Are you looking for a casual way to welcome your guests this holiday season? Setting up a Charcuterie or Grazing table might be the right way to go! Here is a samplilng of some of the items we enjoyed on our grazing table:

Delicious Grazing Table featuring Gillum Family Farms Deli and Assortment of Cheeses, Fruits and Veggies

Gillum Family Farms Deli Ham (JD 052000), Pastrami (JD 052304), Roast Beef (JD 52301)

Dry Salami (JD 770507) and Prosciutto

Fruit: Strawberries, Grapes (JD 30550), Raspberries, Dried Cranberries

Veggies: Cucumbers (JD 30238), roasted red peppers,

Cheese: Cheddar, Goat cheese, Swiss

Assortment of Crackers (JD 13502) and bread: Roasted Garlic and Olive, Sourdough (JD 240) and Focaccia (JD 224).

Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt, and Chocolate Covered Coconut.

Popcorn and nuts: Almonds and Pistachios flavored with Olive oil and Rosemary

A HUGE shout-out to Amy from Savor Charcuterie for sharing her tips for gathering and creating community here at JD Food around the table this holiday season!