At JD Food, employee volunteers have the privilege to donate time once a week during the workday in 4th grade classrooms at Calwa Elementary School and the non-profit Off the Front. This past week volunteers from JD Food and Certified Meat Products participated in the bike ceremony-where bikes are rewarded to students who met healthy living, academic and character goals throughout the school year.

As a company, we want to positively impact the LOCAL community. Which makes serving at Calwa Elementary School with Off the Front a great fit for us. Volunteers spend time teaching 4th grade students about healthy FOOD habits, check in on character and academic goals, and educate kids on a active lifestyle.

Off the Front helps kids in impoverished areas learn how to set goals and work hard to reach those goals so they can break away from the hindrances they face in the areas of education and obesity in order to succeed in the race of life.

Employees of JD Food and Certified Meat Products who volunteered their time this school year!

bikes and bikes and bikes!!!

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