A Love Letter to Restaurants

A Love Letter to Restaurants

Some might disagree, but I think we all know where George Bernard Shaw was coming from when he said,

there is no sincerer love than the love of food.

I never thought I would say this, but I miss standing in line around a crowded bar trying to get the bartender’s attention. I miss not being able to hear my friend’s conversation from across the table because the ambient noise is too loud. I miss hearing the dinner specials that I know I won’t be ordering because I already know I’ll be ordering the exact same thing I order each time. I even miss hearing the hostess say that there will be a 30-minute wait for our table, even though we had a reservation… The point is, I miss going out to restaurants!

The kitchens are still busy pumping out delicious food, but eating it at home just isn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong, it has its advantages. I LOVE getting all of this delicious food to go and eating it in my pajamas at home, (I’m actually kind of embarrassed at how much I LOVE this.) but, I miss the whole ceremony of getting dressed, finding a parking spot, and smelling that amazing aroma as soon as you walk in. There’s something so special about sitting at a table and getting served. I think what I really miss the most is just the social aspect of being out in public.

Now, we need to understand, obviously, that the restaurants miss us more. We know that the empty chairs and empty tables (Les Miserable soundtrack playing) are a bigger concern for them then it is for us. We still get to enjoy the food, at home of course, but the economic impact for them will be longer lasting than the shelter-in-place order. The California Restaurant Association has estimated that as much as 30% of restaurants could permanently close. With this somber news in mind, LET’S EAT!!

I miss going out to restaurants, it’s true. But supporting our local restaurants in any way possible is the only way to help them today. I will continue to order at my favorite local spots, I will try new places I haven’t had the time to try, I will purchase gift cards and use them in later months after they reopen as a way to advance them come cash today. I will do all of this, and I will ENJOY!

So pick up the phone, dial the digits, pick up the food (delivery apps are great, but they eat into the restaurant’s profit, so pick it up yourself if possible) and have a great meal at home. Stay safe, and stay hungry!