Times are changing, are you?

Times are changing, are you?

It’s an unprecedented time in history but as a society we are adapting and overcoming this obstacle together. We have seen an amazing shift to takeout service and exploring different options such as delivery, meal kits, produce boxes and more. Using this time to come out stronger is one of the best things you can do right now.

Focus On What You Can Control

With stay at home orders in place, we have all had to pivot our operations. Some restaurants didn’t have to-go options available, family meals, a la carte options, delivery etc. With these new options in place, it’s a great idea to continue to build upon these, find out what works and what doesn’t, and once we return to some sense of normalcy, keep these options available as another component of your business!

Many businesses have also been able to use this time to connect with their customers via social media and email. Keep this momentum going and grow the community around your business. 

Take Projects Off The Back-Burner

We all have those projects that we just haven’t had time to get around to. Now is the perfect time to reorganize your business or office, repair any items that need it, change out lightbulbs, slap on a fresh coat of paint, or just give the place a deep clean! Be ready to welcome your guests back to a place that is even better than before. 

Get Trendy

Food is ever changing and maybe it’s time to mix up your menu a little. A quick search on Google or around social media will help you quickly discover what’s hot. Maybe you don’t want a complete menu overhaul and that’s ok! Consider adding one or two new items or even doing a “pop up” night where you feature different options than your normal menu. Use this as a low risk way to figure out what people like and then add those popular items to your menu

Empower Your Staff

People are huge to our business and there are none more important than our team members. Use this time to offer training for your employees. If you have in-house materials you can use those or you can turn to hundreds of free resources online. Check out Alison.com. It’s a free online course database with 1000s of options that you can utilize to build up your team. 

Together, we are going to pull through this and although we would all rather be running at full capacity, we can use this time to better our businesses and come out stronger.