Food Trends We’re Following in 2020

2020 is well-underway and like every year before it, food trends are popping up! Here are the trends we’re following this year:

Kombucha is EVERYWHERE

As the kids say – it’s a vibe! Kombucha is trendy, tasty and popping up everywhere. Not only can you find it bottled in health-centric food stores but now it is offered on tap in many places including restaurants. Looking to shake up your beverage options? Consider offering the booch!

More milk alternatives

Almond milk and soy milk are so last decade. Sure they’re still great and versatile but consumers are looking for more. Enter coconut milk and one of our favorites, oat milk. We know, they might sound strange but don’t knock em til you try them!

Diet food is a must on every menu

Dieting is not new and we always see a surge of people looking to eat healthily as the new year starts. Experts, however, are saying that with the trend of fad diets everywhere, it’s crucial to have different options on your menu. From the standard vegetarian and gluten-free options to keto and Mediterranean diet options, consumers are demanding more. 

Fusion food is huge

Consumers are bored with the “normal” options on menus. 2020 is the year fusion food makes a resurgence. It’s sort of going to extremes though with options like Mexican & Southeast Asian to French-Scandanavian. Not looking to go quite that far yet? Here are some simpler fusion food ideas.

Meat is making a comeback in the burger arena

Veggie burgers, black bean burgers, and other meat alternatives are still quite popular. One of our favorite trends is meat-blend burgers such as the mushroom-beef burger. Chefs all over are attempting to appeal to more people by including different blended vegetables into their patties. 

Experience Dining

Think about your favorite place to eat. What do you love about it? The food (obviously), the atmosphere, the proximity to your home? Many patrons are listing the “experience” as one of their top reasons for choosing a dining establishment. From the fun of watching your tepanyaki being cooked in front of you, to dinner theater, there are all sorts of experiences to be had. Consider hosting theme nights as an easy way to add to the experience of dining at your restaurant. 


We’ll have an espresso tonic please! Not only are people looking for lower-alcohol drinks, but they’re also looking for fun, innovative, non-alcoholic options. Coffee mocktails are the most popular right now. There are also plenty of easy to create options that you can quickly incorporate into your menu.

These trends are all the rage and we’re excited to see what else pops up throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what else we’re sharing.