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Progress…A better version of myself

By: Mark Ford I often dream about how fun it would be to bring someone who only knew the world as it was 50 years ago into the world we live today. Wouldn’t it be fun to show them how everyone has their own personal phone that they carry with them everywhere they go? Wouldn’t...


Painting A Picture

I’m not much of an artist. My handwriting is below-average and my 6-year old daughter’s portraits put most of my drawings to shame. You likely won’t find me on a date with my wife attending a Paint Nite, and my least favorite class in college was Art History. Yet, what does excite me is reflecting...


New Year’s Revolutions

You might be thinking the title above is a typo. It’s New Year’s Resolutions, not New Year’s Revolutions! While you’re right that most everyone says New Year’s Resolutions, the title above is completely intentional. It always strikes me how one small change (in this instance, changing the ‘s’ to a ‘v’) can drastically affect an...